Use of Multiple TF values of Wilders_Trailing_Stop.mq5 for Expert Adviser

Mustafa Nail Sertoglu  

I am retired person, so I have times to learn new or develop old computing abilities and also I should save my mental health in these pandemic days.

So I am trying to write a combination of EA with my own preferences by using Vladimir Karputov and other developers EA's that were found in CodeBase .
Now I want to add PERIOD_M3-M5-M10-M20-M30 Buy-SL or Sell-SL values of indicator named "Wilders_Trailing_Stop.mq5" with a subroutine.

If someone have free time to offer me any idea about that part of program I will appreciate.
Many Thanks in advance for especially Vladimir Karputov 's and other code masters unlimited efforts to offer free codes in CodeBase which that codes gave me many "previously unopen windows".

Vladimir Karputov  
We look forward to continuing. At the moment, nothing is clear at all ...