AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'retcode'


hi guys, i keep getting an AttributeError with my code, does anyone know how to fix it, it has got be stumped.

any support would be great.

Im getting the same error. Let me know if you've found the solution.
AttributeError means that there was an Error that had to do with an Attribute request. In general, when you write x.y, y is the purported attribute of x. NoneType means that instead of an instance of whatever Class or Object you think you're working with, you've actually got None. That usually means that an assignment or function call up failed or returned an unexpected result.

mylist = mylist.sort()

The sort() method of a list sorts the list in-place, that is, mylist is modified. But the actual return value of the method is None and not the list sorted. So you've just assigned None to mylist. If you next try to do, say, mylist.append(1) Python will give you this error.

I get the same error for some of the symbols. I searched everywhere and I don't see any solution. Maybe someone help?