Expert Advisor Request


Please forgive me if this is the wrong place or something like this already exists.

I was wondering how difficult and if someone could make an advisor that would halt trades if the existing advisor covered with a defined percentage in losses.  Basically the advisor would monitor the balance, if there were any trade or trades totaling in losses over the user defined percentage, it would halt algo trading automatically.  I have an advisor that sets TP's when it takes a position on my master account,I then have a copier that I use to transfer to a slave account on a different broker.  I'd like to have it so that if there is ever a time there is a loss of balance of more than (for example) 5%, algo trading would halt and the other positions would be able to finish out their TP's that were already set up from the current algo.  Hopefully That makes sense, I can elaborate further if necessary. 

Jordan Becher: if someone could make an advisor

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