MT4 Mobile Terminal 'Authorization Failed'

I am trying to log into mql5 on my mobile terminal so I can receive push notifications however it keeps saying authorization failed. I'm logged into my trade account on my mobile and on desktop, however it just is not working on the mobile app?!! Very frustrating please help!!!!! Thanks in advance
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is it about MetaQuotes ID?
if yes so read this help page: My MetaQuotes ID
Messages - MetaTrader 5 Android Help
Messages - MetaTrader 5 Android Help
MetaTrader 5 for Android supports push notifications. Push notifications are short text messages that can be sent to your device from the PC version of the trading platform, and from various services of the Push notifications are very important. It allows traders to keep abreast of the latest updates. An Expert Advisor running...

Same thing .

The solution is to delete the cache and go through the linkage process again .

Problem starts like so : I get a notification when i enter mt4 app (android) saying the broker changed access point ,using old temporarily . 

Something along these lines . Then about 24hours later it cannot connect . If i add a new account (the same credentials , same server) it says connection failed so

then i clear the cache of MT4 and add the account (the same credentials , same server) and it connects.