Is it possible to connect any Indian trading platform like NEST or Fyers or Zerodha etc to MT4 for real time data

Suhas Patil  

Hello guys 

Is it possible to connect Nest trader to MT4 for real time data... for technical analysis in mt4?

Please help

Suhas Patil  
yes but how? can you do it? i am ready to pay for it..... 
Joel Protusada  
It's possible if one of the brokers in your country use MT4. If none and you are connected with one of the brokers, you can convince them to contact Metaquotes for a possible collaboration to use MT4.
Marco vd Heijden:
Probably if you write the code.

thanks! just wonder,, if yes if its possible ,,, so Can we code a bot looping though some stock symbols to look for some trade oppotunity?

Vlada Vlada  
I guess you should be able to, but it's probably quite complicated. I don't have much experience in trading, so I would recommend you to talk to an experienced trader or a trading broker. They will have an answer to your question and will help you to connect any Indian platform like NEST or Fyers or Zerodha etc., to MT4 for real-time data. I haven't tried to do that yet, and it's too complicated for me. I am just learning some forex trading tips to advance my career. So I hope you will find a way how to connect it. Let me know when you will do this.