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EA that closes all positions daily at the same time

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fx723 2014.08.15 10:18 


i am looking for an MT4-EA which closes all open positions at all pairs at the same time every day.

i want to set it up once and it should do its job daily at the same time without having to set it up freshly every day.

i have searched the web for days but i didnt manage to find an ea which does the job as i want it.

does anybody know some ea which will do this?

thnx a lot, fx723

Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne 2014.08.15 12:33  

I suggest you raise a job in the freelance section. It's a pretty simple EA so shouldn't cost much

fx723 2015.05.21 23:14  
i found a free solution for this some time ago which works perfect. Swiss Army EA 1.51.
Swiss Army EA (Automatic order management)
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Osama Shaban
Osama Shaban 2015.05.22 14:41  

Swiss Army EA is a complicated EA having a lot of settings. One mistake could cost you a lot.

Try it on demo, if you like it, that is ok, otherwise, it is safer to order yours for $10 - $15 at jobs section. 

fx723 2015.05.22 19:42  
yes, thanks. i tested it a lot of course before i used it on real money account. the settings are unmistakable and it works perfect. just set time activation=true; time_Hour=; time_Minute=; closeOrders=true and order types all=true. all other settings: leave on false.
david mackay
david mackay 2015.05.24 23:25  
Swiss Army is quite reliable, I have used it for several years.
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