Can broker cancel my high profit order after completion

Kimberly  Amphlett

I placed and order for USDJPY on Friday 10/16/2020 using Metatrader 5. The price jumped extremely high within two minutes and I closed the order with a $270K profit. My broker contacted me one day later and said he thinks this must be a system error because he has never seen the price jumps so high but said he was just guessing. Within 5 hours his company sends me an email saying this was a system error on their end and my order is being canceled. The money was already deposited into my account. Can the broker cancel an executed order? I doubt they would be doing this if it was reversed and negative on my end. How can they say the program I am using is not accurate?

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
It depends on the agreement you signed with the broker during the real money account openning.