How to pass variables from indicator to Dashboard EA


Hello everyone!

Im trying to build a Dashboard that will alert me when price comes to a Supply/Demand zone....

I want to build the Dashboard with 2 indicators.

The problem i have is, i dont know how i should pass the certain variables from the indicators to the Dashboard EA....

The "Peak HiLo indicator" contains 2 variables im interested in which is "tradingPeakHighLineName" and "tradingPeakLowLineName".

These variables contains the data i need to pass to the Dashboard EA..... thats what i believe anyway!

The second indicator is "supply-and-demand-zones" which contains a variable named "price", i get it from the Alert-void:

void CheckAlert(){
//   SupCount DemCount
//   SupAlert DemAlert
   double price = ObjectGet(lzone+TAG+"UPAR"+SupAlert,OBJPROP_PRICE1);
   if(Close[0] > price && price > point){
      if(AlertPopup) Alert(pair+" "+TimeFrameToString(tf)+" Supply Zone Entered at "+DoubleToStr(price,Digits));
   price = ObjectGet(lzone+TAG+"DNAR"+DemAlert,OBJPROP_PRICE1);
   if(Close[0] < price){
      Alert(pair+" "+TimeFrameToString(tf)+" Demand Zone Entered at "+DoubleToStr(price,Digits));

Example of how the Dashboard EA might look like:

What is the easiest way making this work? I was thinking GlobalVars, and insert this into the "supply-and-demand-zones" indicator for example:

datetime GlobalVariableSet( Name, price );

And then use GlobalVariableGet in the Dashboard EA...... but, i think i need different names for the GlobalVariableSet for each pair... else i will end up with the same data on all pairs...

Im stuck.... i would appreciate all help i can get!

Im also attaching the 2 indicators source code in this post!

Thank you

Or is it maybe easier to add Buffers to the indicators and make the Dashboard EA read them with iCustom ?