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anybody can code this strategy as an EA ?

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Anybody Can Code This Strategy as an EA Please ?

> EA will open 15 BUY STOP orders & 15 SELL STOP orders. ( number of orders changeable )
   keeping distance 10 Pips from the market price/or given price ( changeable )
   take profit 10 pips & stop loss 15 pips ( changeable) instant.

   Now, if price triggers BUY STOP & hit take profit, as soon as this Order closed 
1> EA will Add a New SELL STOP just above those older Sell Stop orders maintaining the same
    distance 10 pips. 

2> At the same time it will remove a Sell Stop Order from the bottom of those 
    older Sell Stops.
3> EA will add a New BUY STOP order just above those older Buy Stops keeping
    the same distance 10 pips.
4> As long as market will go to the same direction and hit take profit, EA will 
     keep continue the rules. {( all these 4 things must happen in a second ( no delay)}

> If price triggers SELL STOP first, then opposite rules will be applied ( I hope it's easy for you to understand ) 
   So, always pending orders distance will be 10 + 10 = 20 pips from the market price  

>>> Now, if price comes back & hit stop loss then EA will add a BUY STOP Just bellow the previous buy stop order
      maintaining the same distance 10 pips.
>>> And just opposite rules will be applied if price comes back after hitting a Sell Stop & hit stop loss.
      *Number of Pending orders always will be 15 + 15 = 30         (or 29 , coz one will be opened order)

       *please code it for 5 digit mt4
If I did any mistake (wrong) in description please pardon me and kindly fix it. Hope to get Quick Help.




Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne  
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