Which do you prefer Currency pairs or synthetic indicies

Yashar Seyyedin  

I cannot say which one I prefer. Each has its own attraction.

For currency pairs :

==> When you detect a move in market it is like 50%-50% whether the move is over or it is going to continue. (Unless you have an idea of the fundamentals driving the move.) The same for R/S. It is like 50%-50% whether it is going to break or bounce back.

For Indices/Crypto etc:

==> Usually when you detect momentum or R/S level you can jump in and go out with few pips pretty quickly.

note: I am still experiencing the market and this is what I found till now.

Rajesh Kumar Nait  
oluwaseyi ojuolape:
Which do you prefer Currency pairs or synthetic indicies 

Kindly explain why you prefer your choice

Synthetic indices are like compass which shows you direction where you should head to,

They are calculated based on exchange formula and they are not related with how price moves on any particular exchange.

For example : A crypto broker uses few popular exchange to compare BTC price, average it and calculate indices prices with their own formula

Why I should choose synthetic Indices? If I am using technical analysis for predicting price movement in H4 or more higher timeframe or If i am an options trader

while Currency pair is preferred when you are a intraday scalper and not an investor

you can see charts like Forex CFDs / Perpetual Swap Futures etc