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amir hossein rezaei
amir hossein rezaei 2014.08.01 22:53 
Hi guys, I'm kinda new here, I want to buy an EA that is being used on a signal, so what is the proper way of buying? I told the provider to put it on market, so I can buy it and then remove it from market, is that possible?
another question, how can I be sure if the EA I'm buying is the one that is being used in the signal and not just a crap? the price is high and I should be careful, thanks
ANTHONY ONOJETA 2014.08.17 15:03  
well i think most of the people in this forum are real people. you could ask him to do a test on the ea and send the test report to you. if the test tally with the trading history that he has in his signal account then there is hope. discuss with him to reach an agreement. but make sure you buy through this site because there is room to arbitary
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