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Experts: CoensioTrader1V06

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Automated-Trading 2014.08.01 13:43 


A multi-currency trading system, based on Bollinger Bands and trend catching technique. Capable of trading up to 6 currencies simultaneously. System has build in optimization parameter sharing.

CoensioTrader1 is an open, free, community-supported, automatic trading system (ATS), that is mainly based on only two basic, but very powerful market principles: market trends and market price action.

This system rests on a "trend hunting" principle and enters a trade only when several market conditions are met. The trend detection is based on daily double exponential moving average (DEMA) indicator.

The extended statistical investigation showed that, market can be considered as "trending" if only three successive daily DEMA values point in the same direction. In case when a trending condition is detected, system tries to find the best entry point in the direction of the current trend. The entry points are based on the Bollinger Bands indicator and swing-low/swing-high price action, as described below.

Fig.3: Example of a backtest result (Rank=10)

Author: Krzysztof Szymczyk

Russell Bagby
Russell Bagby 2014.09.16 18:18  

Could you post the CoensioTrader1v06 version in meta trader 4 ?

because I'm looking at testing it out.


-Thank You! 

Krzysztof Szymczyk
Krzysztof Szymczyk 2014.09.21 14:51  

The thing is that MT4 platform does not support multi-currency trading. The presented strategy is free and open. Since I'm currently working on other projects, maybe someone who has more free time than me could easily port this strategy to MQL4.




Nguyen Phuc
Nguyen Phuc 2014.12.02 19:42  

Dear Coensio,


If using this ea on MT5 platform, and if trading 5 pairs, do we have to open 5 charts? or only 1 chart that can control 5 pairs we input into the ea?


Please advise the best pairs and best timeframe to use this ea on. Thanks.


Can you provide all the indicators so that I can try applying on manual trading?


My email is: 


Thanks a lot


James Phuc 

Nikolay Moskalev
Nikolay Moskalev 2016.03.25 10:57  



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