MetaTrader 5 Android build 2569: New chart colors


We continue to improve our mobile platforms. This time we have updated MetaTrader 5 Android which allows trading of currencies, stocks and futures from mobile devices anytime and from anywhere in the world.

The main new feature is the Color on White chart color scheme. We have selected the most soothing colors which will help you navigate trends, at any chart scale, from a minute to a month. Old color schemes are still available.

MetaTrader 5 Android build 2569: New chart colors

We have also added the dark theme for devices powered by OS version 10 and higher — it saves battery power and is more comfortable when working in low light. Some minor fixes have been implemented as well.

Features of MetaTrader 5 for Android:

  • 2 position accounting systems: netting for trading on exchanges and hedging for Forex
  • Powerful trading system featuring market depth and any trading operations
  • Full set of orders: market, pending, stop and trailing stop
  • 4 types of order execution: Instant, Request, Market and Exchange
  • 3 chart types (line, bars and candles) and 9 timeframes
  • Built-in technical analysis tools: 30 indicators and 24 analytical objects
  • Integrated chat, financial news, alerts and push notifications

Install the free mobile MetaTrader 5 and trade whenever and wherever you want, be it your home, a cafe, a taxi, a hotel room or a beach.

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Nasser Jonesku
Nasser Jonesku  

The most important issue with last update, is chart reloads each time I come back or switch back to MT5 app. Doesn't matter what, chart reloads from scratch, which is not fun at all.
What am I supposed to do when I want to do some calculations outside de app?
Everything goes away as soon as I get out of MT5 app.

Besides this, lingering issues with MT5 android:

Big timeframes load extremely slow, and chart is totally useless until history finishes loading.
The same happens on desktop version, but it's less chaos than on MT5 android.

Long press event is such an annoyance, ....such an annoyance.
It was associated with "Shift of chart from the right border" feature.
How many times the user sets this shift?
It's just once.
Why on earth would long press event be associated with one time only feature?

Long press event should be associated either with crosshair (as in tradingview), or with object's properties, if any object is under the long press point.

What's even worse, is that it's so easy to generate a long press by mistake. No matter where you are in history, you are thown to the beginning of chart, to set that shift. So, so, so annoying.

(iOS and ipadOS gets all these small things right, too bad crosshair cannot be used to measure things there)

as in iOS and ipadOS, the state should be preserved, the location in history when user switched to another app, and the crosshair.
Android behaves many times foolishly, to close apps, just because.
The state of MT5 should be preserved, even if the app is closed by (stupid) android.
Position in history, and crosshair (if it was set before switching to other apps)

please, please, please solve these issues

(I had many phones, and many androids, the issues happened on all of them. right now I'm on Android 10, xiaomi redmi note 4x, if that matters)
Download the MetaTrader 5 mobile app for Android
Download the MetaTrader 5 mobile app for Android
Mobile trading with MetaTrader 5 for Android provides a convenient access to the Forex and Exchange markets from your smartphone or your tablet. Regardless of where you are, you can connect to your broker's server, analyze quotes of currencies, stocks and other exchange instruments, and execute trade operations. All the above features are...

Does this color scheme exist for macOS ?