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Is there an easy way to get the charts to current trading on android app?

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spicer 2015.01.30 15:57 

The charts seem to open up many days back. Which means I need to swipe forever just to get to the current trading window.  

Why is the default not the current candle as to me that would make more sense?  

Is there a short cut in Metatrader 4 android app so that a chart opens to the current trading?

Or is there a setting that will set the default so that the charts open to the current trading?

While it is nice we can go back in time to look at the past, I would rather be able to open a chart and see

what is going on right now. 

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2015.01.30 16:19  
The pc-terminal has the chart-option menu (right mouse-click => properties) there you might find "Chart autoscroll" or something equivalent?
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