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New article Multicurrency monitoring of trading signals (Part 5): Composite signals has been published:

In the fifth article related to the creation of a trading signal monitor, we will consider composite signals and will implement the necessary functionality. In earlier versions, we used simple signals, such as RSI, WPR and CCI, and we also introduced the possibility to use custom indicators.

A composite signal is a signal consisting of two or more simple signals which are connected with each other by logical AND/OR operators.

Thus, the composite signal will include several previously created simple signals, which will interact with each other using logical operators. It will be possible to create a complex signal containing the condition for the presence of two or three simultaneous simple signals in a given period of time. Thus, the trading system will have one main signal and a filter. The logical OR operator will allow us to search for a trading signal in several directions at once and thus to cover a larger area in analyzing current market states.

For a better explanation, here is some plan for updating and enhancing our applications. First of all, we need to update the application interface and add new controls.

Fig. 1. Adding UI elements

Author: Alexander Fedosov

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