Can fluter or react programing language be use to create EA for MT5?

Am learning python programing to program MT5 trade copier but I want to know if fluter or react programing language can also be use to program a trade copier, the reason I want to know is because flutter comes with front end development in the back end 

Your answer will be highly appreciated
I also need this...😩
Short answer: no
Long answer: yes, if you program an ea with a python bridge, and create your own backend in python. You can then use whatever frontend you like.

But again, this is months/years of work to make sure it's secure, stable and has no latency. Remember that in a volatile market milliseconds can affect a trade. 

Unless you are planning to provide this as a major service, there are a lot of trade copiers out there already. Including the signal service on


Besides Python you can use C++ and .Net dll's

See here for a complete list of integrations:

Documentation on MQL5: Integration
Documentation on MQL5: Integration
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