Help/suggestions welcomed - hedging

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Richard Marriott
Richard Marriott  

FIRSTLY - FORGIVE MY IGNORANCE......I have no experience or understanding of EA's and how they function. I am probably describing a Robot here!

I have an overall general Plan, but I will break it down to its most basic premise component and let People comment on each aspect accordingly. 

1. I am looking for an EA which will be able to open and close multiple currency pairs simultaneously, automatically.  For example EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP  trade to sell......wait until an elected + pip margin is reached, say 20-50 .......then close all trades.......then immediately place trades in all Three again to sell........repeating this process continuously and automatically.

In addition, ideally;

2. Be able to perform the same function with the same (or different) three currency pairs........ but in the opposite direction i.e. Buy.......but independently from the sell trades, in other words, when the sell trades close a Trade, the buy Trades are not effected i.e both sell and buy Trades are not linked to each other.

3. Mark III version;

Place Trades on a basket of currency pairs, 14 in total..........7 Buys/7 Sells.......simultaneously........close ALL when an elected + pip margin is reached.............then immediately place the identical  trades again repeating the process.

It might be that there are already similar programmes that exist that could be modified OR are an improvement on these ideas?

Rafael Grecco
Rafael Grecco  

That's actually very simple to program.

There is one problem.

When you place 3 sells and 3 buys (using 3 different pairs), either the sell or the buy will reach you target, correct? Good. Let's suposse your buys were profitable. Then you open 3 new buy positions, but your sell positions that you opened intially are negative in the same proportion.

Now imagine the same thing happens 10 times in a row. You made some profit on the buys, but your sells are that same amount negative. What's the point? If the price reverse all the way and your sell positions reach the target, your buy positions that are still opened at the same amount negative. It's an endless cycle. You can only get out of it with a loss.

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