Can someone kind code an EA for me based on MACFibo 1.2 Strategy?

Nurul Ahmed  

Hello All,

I've got a system that I'm trading manually called MacFibo 1.2, just the main entry setup (created by Sufian Said) and featured in BabyPips. It seems to be playing along nicely on EURUSD H4. I'm using a selection of indicators to make the strategy a bit more automated.

I can't seem to attach the PDF here.

I wonder if anyone had the time to create an EA out of it? (Just the main entry setup as specified in the PDF). I wont got through the rules here as the PDF is very thorough in explaining the strategy in detail.

I've attached the indicators below to perhaps help with the coding of an EA. Quick summary of how I use the indis (all credit to the creators)

- MA Crossover Styles - Let's me know that an MA cross has taken place
- Daily_High_Low and Weekly_High_Low help me to apply the filters (S-SR Lines as mentioned in the guide)
- MACFibo v1 was created to help with version 1.0 of the system. I use it only to visually help identify the highest/lowest wick of the current wave prior to crossover, then mark up my own Fibs
- i-Sessions simply to see what session we're in - not needed as such as I trade all sessions, not just Asian to London as the guide says. However to have the EA give options to trade each session would be fab

Another helpful feature would be for the EA to auto calculate the lot size based on risk I specify (say 1%) and the SL being the 61.8 Fib level

I know it's a mammoth task, but the great coders here might feel up to the challenge :-) Please query anything, or PM me

Many thanks for looking :-)