Meet the new Financial News section


Many traders utilize technical analysis as a tool for decision making which can be applied to any price charts. However, such an approach cannot be considered complete, as it ignores fundamental factors. Prices can be pushed up or down by news releases and reports published in the media.

We have created a specialized news section to publish financial news from the following categories:

  • Financial regulator updates
  • Global economy news which can affect financial markets
  • Bonds, stocks and other security market news
  • News from various exchanges, except cryptocurrencies
  • Banks and hedge funds
  • News affecting currency exchange rates
  • Trading updates: new technologies and platforms, among others

Such publications can be re-posted in a separate Forum topic; however, please insert a link to the source at the end. We respect copyrights and ask others to do the same.

Post such news as texts (add images if needed) instead of simply citing the source and linking to it, to make the relevant information available right in the Forum.

Important! Broker news and brokerage reviews are not allowed.

The purpose of the new section is to make relevant information available to our community members, as well as to attract more traders and to assist them in enriching their trading experience.

Discuss publications, share ideas and explore more trading opportunities in the Financial News section!

Mohammad Hossein Sadeghi
For those who are wondering like me, where this section is, here's the link, since I came across this post from news feed of my profile.
MQL5 forum: Financial news
MQL5 forum: Financial news
Financial news - recent updates on the global financial market, as well as currency and stock markets
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

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The financial news section is open!

Renat Fatkhullin , 05/20/08 10:24

To moderators - delete all topics that are not 100% related to the financial sector.

If the slightest doubt arises - delete.

Alfred Aidoo
Alfred Aidoo  

We've got more than enough. Keep on keeping on.