Genetic basd optimization taking too long in mt5

I am trying to optimize my EA did the first part took like 7hours for 10000 iterations now i am trying to do another optimization it is taking over 300 hours for just 10,000 iterations please what might be the problem 
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    1. EAs : Don't do per tick that you can do per bar, or on open.
      If you are waiting for a level, don't reevaluate, wait until price reaches it (or a new bar starts and you recalculate.)
      If you are waiting for an order to open or close, only look when OrdersTotal (or MT5 equivalent) has changed.
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    2. Indicators: Code it properly so it only recomputes bar zero (after the initial run.)
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      Or, reduce Tools → Options (control+O) → Charts → Max bars in chart to something reasonable (like 1K.)