problems with registering as a seller

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Giovanni Salatto
Giovanni Salatto  

I tried to register as a seller some time ago, then I gave up trading. Now I have resumed trading and would like to publish some signals, but the system does not give me the possibility to register. Even if I want to send the documents, I don't know where. Help me. I don't understand how I can do it !!

This is the screeshot

Your application has been rejected

Sorry, your application has not passed automated checks and has been rejected. You have correctly filled the required data, but the Verified User status could not be granted to you for security and service transparency reasons.

Please do not create a new account for a repeated application. All checks are performed automatically.

We do not provide specific reasons for the rejection. Thank you for understanding.

Moien Mansouri
Moien Mansouri  


i signed up recently and i want to  register as a seller but there is problem to confirm selfie and identification documentation. i try too hard but it rejected. i cant ask to how to prove it and confirm it?

is there anybody to help me here please.

(im from iran and i guess the problem origin that maybe)


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