MT5 loads Default.tpl wrongly [MetaTrader 5 Bug]

Jürgen Rothstein  
Dear MQL5 Community/Administrators/Developers

There is a bug on MT5 when saving a template as "Default.tpl" with the following configuration:

  • Show bid price line (Enabled)
  • Show ask price line (Enabled)
  • Show last price line (Disabled)

When closing the current chart and opening a new one it loads the previous saved "Default.tpl" file as it should be. For some reasons, however, the "Show last price line" will be enabled that though we saved it as disabled earlier.

If you open the "Default.tpl" file, you will find that the setting was saved correctly (lastline=0) however the MT5 terminal still loads it wrongly.

I hope there will be a fix soon, since it can be very annoying over time.

Kind Regards