Are there Market Review Trolls Among Us?


I think a rule needs to be established requiring people who leave reviews on products of less than 3 stars to give a valid reason why they think it is worth less than 3 stars. Some people seem to have a habit of giving nothing but 2 star reviews on FREE products without any justification. And I have seen many 2 star reviews on FREE products given as 'undecided'. A 2 star review given as 'undecided' is not a legitimate review and should not be accepted.

I would even go so far as to say anyone who gives such a review should be given a warning and if he or she continues to do so, then that person should be banned from giving reviews on products and all of his or her 2 star reviews as 'undecided' should be removed as they are obviously not legit.

Product creators depend on reviews for exposure. The higher the review, the higher the product ranks in the market. It is unfair to a developer who has created a quality product to get a 2 star review for no other reason but that the reviewer is 'undecided'. It hurts the developer and could discourage him or her from creating and or updating products. Moreover it makes it difficult for people like me to find quality products in the market place as they are often buried beneath stuff that is of less quality due to a poor rating.

Something has to be done to put a stop to this as this is not good for our community. 

Marcel Heiniger
Marcel Heiniger  
Completely agree, bad review hurts, in a other way false five stars hurts the same way as it gives a products more exposure as it should have. 
This is alwasys a problem with systems like this.
Janusz Trojca  
I would like to join the discussion and propose a few changes that may somewhat improve the mechanism of products reviews:

1. Option for the seller to reply for each review, similar to Google's rating system. 
Sometimes it is enough to say a simple "thank you" for the review, and sometimes the situation needs to be clarified.

2. After a review complain, the content should be hidden until the administrator makes a decision to remove or leave the review.

3. Possibility to add a description of the reason for review being removed, e.g. screenshot of a conversation with the reviewer. It is obvious that not everyone has to like a product and everyone has the right to their opinion. However, each opinion should be reasoned. If not directly in the review content, at least in a private message. Situations like give one star because I'm in a bad mood should be eliminated.

4. The vast majority of products offered at market require some time to become familiar with it. Maybe extending the time to 2-3 months from the time of purchase or the first rent, after which buyer can write a review will reduce the amount of false reviews?
Keith Watford

I have removed a post.
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Some people try to sneak in promotion in topics such as this and they are risking a ban.

Discussion in general terms without mentioning any specific product is allowed.

Enrique Enguix
I think the same.  In some cases I write to whoever put the opinion.  After all, the opinion is also something to improve a product, but if the reason for the evaluation is not indicated, it does not serve much.  I have also seen the two stars many times, usually from the same person.  For small sellers, an opinion like this can destroy a product.