Equivalent of "chart update interval" on MT4?

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Does anyone know what the "chart update interval" is on MT4 by default, and if there is a way to view/modify this setting? 

On other software that I've used, "chart update interval" is basically the length of time between updates on the chart. Some traders who focus on a single market like it set very low (10-50ms) for smoother tick/price movement, and some who watch many markets want it set very high (500ms+) so that charts don't lock up during volatile news releases

For example-- On NinjaTrader, the chart update interval is set at 250ms. On NT7, you can change this down to 100ms while on NT8 it is hard-coded. On Sierra Chart I believe it is 500ms by default but you can set it all the way down to 10ms. 

Does this setting exist in MT4? If not, does anyone know what it is hard-coded as?

If it matters, I am using the FXCM MT4 Demo software to test this out. I have used FXCM's feed via eSignal and Sierra Chart, so I figured I'd use something I was familiar with. 


William Roeder
William Roeder  

There is no interval. The chart updates when a new tick comes from the server. And that is broker dependent.

Don't assume that bar every exists — they don't. What if there are no ticks during a specific candle period? There can be minutes between ticks during the Asian session, think M1 chart. Larger charts, think weekend, market holiday (country and broker specific.) requires knowledge of when your broker stops and starts (not necessary the same as the market.)
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