Panel format - multiple suggestions


Can you please allow formatting the panel so that:

1. Trades that are profitable appear green, and trades that are in loss, appear red

2. Instead of -3.5, number format can be (3.5)

3. MFE and MAE both appear in columns for each trade

4. Margin held by each trade--in dollar terms--appear in a separate column

5. Duration held appear in a column - could in HH:MM format

6. Horizontal consolidation / sub-totals of trades should be possible, by symbol - for example, all EURUSD trades appear together with sub-total giving net totals of the pair (volume, average price, floating profit / loss, margin held by symbol, etc.)

7. % gain / loss by trade / pair total in separate column

8. Running risk-reward ratio in separate column

Finally, please introduce dark mode