Alert - Price > A then Price < B

Mohamad Zulhairi Baba  

Hi All,

I want to build a price alert that tracks the following,
First, price has to move above A, then price has to move below B, then alert.

static bool priceA = false,
            priceB = false;

void pattern(double a, double b) {
   MqlTick tick;

   if(>=a) priceA = true;
   if(priceA && tick.ask<=b) priceB = true;
   if(priceA && priceB) {
      string msg = "Price hit "+DoubleToString(a,_Digits)+" and "+DoubleToString(a,_Digits);
      priceA = false,
      priceB = false;
William Roeder  
  1. You should be able to read your code out loud and have it make sense. Code becomes self documenting when you use meaningful variable names. PriceA sounds like a price  and "if priceA" is an incomplete sentence.
  2. Global variables never need to be static. No need for priceB. Self-doc price to string. Your msg has a bug.

  3. void pattern(double a, double b) {
       MqlTick tick;  SymbolInfoTick(_Symbol,tick);
       static bool wasPriceAbove = false;
       if(>=a) wasPriceAbove = true;
       if(wasPriceAbove && tick.ask<=b){   wasPriceAbove=false; // reset
          Alert(StringFormat("Price hit %s and %s",PriceToStr(a),PriceToStr(b)));
    string   PriceToStr(double p){   return( DoubleToStr(p, _Digits) );           }