Trailing Take Profit ???

William Roeder  
If you placed a TP and it is hit, the order is closed, done.

Thanks for your answers guys. 

I think I will code a Trailing Stop loss or maybe find a way to close 50% of my position and let the other half go on. 

Trailing stops will put you out of the best deals. Not taking the right decision to exit means, give the money back to the market, back where it belongs! Dust in the winds! Thought.

Hi Jonathan  - did you ever figure out an answer to this please? I'm in exactly the same position. i have an algo which makes tiny profit but can potentially make much more 


Hi everyone, 

I would like to know if is that possible to program a trailing take profit

Let me explain my logic : 

The initial TP is 10 pips, if the price passed this level : the Order has to be modify with a TP at 15 pips. 

Thanks in advance for your help.