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ChartIndicatorAdd - not working

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Theron Maree
Theron Maree 2014.05.21 17:55 


I am using Meta Trader Build 646 and MQL 5 build 934.  I would like to use ChartIndicatorAdd but it is not in MQL although it is explained in the MQL5 Reference.

Can someone help?:

I would like to load an indicator from the current chart on to another chart.  Example: I want the an indicator on GBPUSD to load/call a indicator on EURUSD using the chart ID of EURUSD(Since more than one EURUSD can be open at the same time)  ChartIndicatorAdd function does just that and is explained in MQL Refrence, problem is MQL does not have it?


Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.05.21 19:39  
ChartIndicatorAdd() is not implemented in mql4.
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