Why are there differences in the MT4 platform and the brokers other platforms for the OHLC and most indicators? - page 3

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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
Gary Heard:

No I am not talking about backtesting.

If what you said is accurate then no EA sold here will work unless as you said, you know the developer and he has tested it on the specific broker you plan to use.

Oh and broker has several law suits against them for this very topic.  I just missed the settlement with one group but I will get in another as they are very corrupt.  Don't ever use them.

I was talking about my opinion.
Because I am not a coder.
And it is the way I can select EA for myself: I should know the coder by person or by the username on the forum.

But as far as I know - some other people (potential buyers) do not care about it (they do not care - they know the coder or not), and they are having the other criteria to select EA for themselves.

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