Disable log messages for backtesting in MT5: order performed, deal performed, order modified, market buy, market sell, deal #100 done



while backtesting, there are tons of messages that I don't need:

- order performed

- deal performed

- position modified

- stop loss triggered

- market buy

- market sell

- deal #100 done

- etc.

If there are 100 of the above messages every second, it is difficult to keep track of the important ones.

For backtesting, I need only error messages and messages from my own code.

Is there a way to disable the unwanted messages?

I only found CTrade.LogLevel( LOG_LEVEL_ERRORS ); but it does not help much.

Thank you very much!

I also have this question and I don't have answer yet. However, the CTrade.LogLevel(LOG_LEVEL_ERRORS) only works for suppressing the log messages on trades initiated using an instance of the CTrade class. These messages we wanted to suppress on backtesting  seems to be generated whenever OrderSend(mRequest, mResult) function is triggered either through CTrade class or on its own. Hopefully someone could help us here.
I have the same problem. Any solution?
umitb #:
I have the same problem. Any solution?
use CTrade to send your orders, it works for me