---------- invalid book item error HELP!! --------------------------

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Are these the result of limited access to some of the DOM info?

Do you recognize this error and the possible cause, and solution?


2019.03.01 19:25:58.056               Books    invalid book item[USDJPY,sell,111.96100,-100000000]

2019.03.01 19:31:28.681               Books    invalid book item[NZDUSD,sell,0.68061,-100000000]

2019.03.01 19:57:46.885               Books    invalid book item[NZDUSD,sell,0.68041,-100000000]

2019.03.01 20:01:32.318               Books    invalid book item[NZDUSD,sell,0.68037,-100000000]

2019.03.01 20:08:24.896               Books    invalid book item[USDCHF,sell,0.99960,-100000000]

2019.03.01 20:08:41.256               Books    invalid book item[EURUSD,sell,1.13636,-100000000]

2019.03.01 20:25:31.299               Books    invalid book item[NZDUSD,sell,0.67996,-100000000]

2019.03.01 20:35:03.786               Books    invalid book item[NZDUSD,sell,0.67999,-100000000]

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