Help with using indicator Buffer to open simple buy and sell orders?

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Hello friends, how are you?

I'm a beginner and I'm creating a custom EA that opens and closes orders on the market by changing the color of the indicator line

but I ran into "SetIndexBuffer" and "iCustom" to open buy and sell orders ...

Has anyone ever gone through this obstacle?

Anyone who has a way to go, I thank

Thank you!

I already did the script with the parameters below for EA for MT4

ArraySetAsSeries ();

ArrayGetAsSeries ();

SetIndexBuffer ();

OrderSend ();

iCustom ();

Waiting for answers...

//---- input parameters 
extern int       period=22;
extern int       method=8;                        
extern int       price=0;                           
//---- buffers 
double Uptrend[];
double Dntrend[];
double ExtMapBuffer[];

int init()
   SetIndexBuffer(0, Uptrend);
   //ArraySetAsSeries(Uptrend, true); 
   SetIndexBuffer(1, Dntrend);
   //ArraySetAsSeries(Dntrend, true); 
   SetIndexBuffer(2, ExtMapBuffer);
   ArraySetAsSeries(ExtMapBuffer, true);
   IndicatorShortName("Signal Line("+period+")");

int deinit()
double WMA(int x, int p)
   return(iMA(NULL, 0, p, 0, method, price, x));

int start()
   int counted_bars=IndicatorCounted();
   if(counted_bars < 0)

   int x=0;
   int p=MathSqrt(period);
   int e=Bars - counted_bars + period + 1;

   double vect[], trend[];

   if(e > Bars)
   ArrayResize(vect, e);
   ArraySetAsSeries(vect, true);
   ArrayResize(trend, e);
   ArraySetAsSeries(trend, true);
   for(x=0; x < e; x++)
      vect[x]=2*WMA(x, period/2) - WMA(x, period);
   for(x=0; x < e-period; x++)

      ExtMapBuffer[x]=iMAOnArray(vect, 0, p, 0, method, x);
   for(x=e-period; x>=0; x--)
      if (ExtMapBuffer[x]> ExtMapBuffer[x+1]) trend[x] =1;
      if (ExtMapBuffer[x]< ExtMapBuffer[x+1]) trend[x] =-1;
      if (trend[x]>0)
         if (trend[x+1]<0) Uptrend[x+1]=ExtMapBuffer[x+1];
         if (trend[x]<0)
            if (trend[x+1]>0) Dntrend[x+1]=ExtMapBuffer[x+1];

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