MetaTrader 4 Application (App.)

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Rawicha Wonchumphu
Rawicha Wonchumphu  

We would like better connectivity for the MetaTrader 4 mobile APP. (iPad/iPhone/Android). To be able to actually trade on the APP...

We understand that an EA is not possible because of the SIZE. But, at least a 'Cross-hair' tool, to be able to measure distance in points/pips, at least.

But, we would like to make our own custom order form, similar to attached order form (picture examples attached).

Several Programmers have said, they wish they could create it for us. But, it is not possible because of the connectivity allowances with the APP. 

Can we please hire MQL to do this Freelance work for us please or, just add it as free update. Either way, we need it, to be able to trade through the mobile APP... To have it before June, would be absolutely fantastic!

Thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of traders would love this ability, for more ease of use through mobile trading... How can we trade without measuring points/pips?

Thank you for your consideration and time,

Rawicha & Darrell

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