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Automate Testing on Multiple Years Separately

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Jacob Funk
Jacob Funk 2011.01.20 22:48 

Hi, simple question, I'm wondering if its possible to have a test automatically reset the principle each year, or just to queue up multiple testing runs. I'm trying to do a take-one test set to finish optimizing a model without picking a 'lucky' value set with some ridiculous SL and TP. Anyone know if its possible to do this?

Brett Luedtke
Brett Luedtke 2011.01.27 12:35

This article seems like it will provide useful information for your request. My thought is to define the deposit amount and simply reinitialize all needed info based on date. 

Using the TesterWithdrawal() Function for Modeling the Withdrawals of Profit
  • 2010.09.06
  • Andrey Voytenko
This article describes the usage of the TesterWithDrawal() function for estimating risks in trade systems which imply the withdrawing of a certain part of assets during their operation. In addition, it describes the effect of this function on the algorithm of calculation of the drawdown of equity in the strategy tester. This function is useful when optimizing parameter of your Expert Advisors.
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