Who can explain the creating progress of ZiZag standard highs/lows as in this picture? - page 2

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Hi Laurent,

Your most value advice: not to overtrade!

Thank you warmly.


your welcome :)) 



Hi Laurent and all,

Eventually, I've found exactly the answer for Deviation and Depth parameter of default ZigZag on MT4:

"In Empty4's ZigZag, percentage is NOT looked at. 

Instead it looks back for the highest Highs and lowest Lows of the past n bars, called 'ExtDepth' in ZigZag."

Exactly as  Icham Idibe said above.

You can read it in here.

But I can't find the answer for Backstep parameter for default ZigZag on MT4.

I don't know the way Backstep parameter used for default ZigZag MT4.

Anyone can help?

Thank you very much. 

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Researching ZigZag outside of the Empty4 world, you will see that before Empty4, ZigZag was designed in a very different way than the ZigZag in Empty4. Empty4's ZigZag is looking for the high and low of the last n bars, with a couple extra rules, as will be explained later. Originally ZigZag looked at price movements up and down. It looks at...
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