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Aharon Tzadik
Aharon Tzadik  
lippmaje: grim Grrr...

Your comment has nothing to do with 1H bolinger bands EA,why did you post your comment here?

His EA uses the possibility to read the OHLC ticks (using onTimer event), generated by Startegy Tester in "Open prices only" and "1 minute OHLC", on MetaTrader 5.

1H bolinger works with MetaTrader 4 and only uses an open bar price and a combination of indicators to make sure that an event has occurred so you will be able to enter the trade ,and the event will not be erased, for example by crossing 2 moving averages, you want to be sure that the event occurred already in the previous candle and it will not change when you are in the trade,it has no effect on take profit,  stop loss,or trailing sl .

I explain again : you can perform any test you want,on "every tick" mode You'll probably get the most accurate result.

If you will use bad money managment(high lotsize- bigger then 3% of your total margin),and stop loss that is too far-say bigger then 30 pips,and you will not perform frequent back testing

You'll probably loose your money with every EA.

Also you need to know basic statistics:

Theoretically, if you flip a coin 10 times statistically it will fall 5 times on each side,

But in reality the coin may fall 10 times on the same side,or  say 20%-80%.

To corroborate the argument you need to make a larger sample for example 1000 attempts,

Then the results will be more close to 50%, the same with trading, you do not decide that strategy is not good after 10 trades.

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