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Indicators: Fractals Modified

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2014.01.28 06:26 

Fractals Modified:

This indicator is a small modification of classical Fractals Indicator. You can choose the number or left/right bars to have a new top or bottom as well a shift parameter.

Author: Manel Sanchon

traderfx05 2014.11.09 22:31  

Hi Manel,

Any chance to have the Fractal modified but I need to have only the first dot ( red/blue) painted not also the others coing in a row after it... Please send me back the attached file modified as I kindly requested to you here.

If you want you can use my private email box: 



siewen 2016.08.23 12:13  

Hello Manel,


I am trying to create an EA using your indicator. idea is that on bar close, after a cross of actual fractal, a position is opened. I use this code, but this generate no trade in live...

double FractalsDown = iCustom(NULL,0,"FractalsMod",leftbars,rightbars,1,rightbars+1);double FractalsUp = iCustom(NULL,0,"FractalsMod",leftbars,rightbars,0,rightbars+1); 

Close[0] > FractalsUp && Open[0] < FractalsUp  open long...


any idea? 

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