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Experts: Aeron Expert Advisor

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2013.06.04 05:40 

Aeron Expert Advisor:

Aeron Expert Advisor is well known. I am the author of Aeron Expert Advosor. It is based on martingale pattern and all of its parameters are fully customisable.

Author: Alex Hemant

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2013.06.11 08:22  

Looks like a solid backtest, will try this out and report back.

Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro 2013.07.19 13:34  

I ran several back-tests on this EA on EURUSD M1 Chart in periods ranging from 2008 to the present with varying spreads, always with very bad results.

I noticed that several trades were been triggered at T/P in the negative (in other words, the Take Profit was been set as a loss, below the open price for longs and above the open price for shorts).

Something must be wrong in the code as this makes no sense to me, unless there is some intent behind it which I do not grasp. Maybe the author can comment on this particular "uncommen sense".

PS! There were also many OrderModify Error 130 in the Journal. Maybe the code is not accounting for broker differences. In my case it is ECN where Stops have to be set after the initial order placement in two-steps.

Clarita Zamora
Clarita Zamora 2013.08.26 21:37  
this is fully automated and i do do not need to make any adjustments, just install and run the program? how much does this cost?
david mackay
david mackay 2014.02.21 15:54  

Some stats for two years with no optimization, somehow the losses have to be contained. Other than that. some excellent numbers.


Equity Chart

Aleh Sasonka
Aleh Sasonka 2016.07.11 14:36  

Test without optimizing for the period 2000-2016:

Aerobot_EURUSD EURUSD,M1 - 2000.01.03-2016.07.07 - Report

Aerobot_EURUSD EURUSD,M1 - 2000.01.03-2016.07.07 - Graph

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