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Libraries: OptimReport v2.15

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OptimReport v2.15:

If you want to optimize your Expert Advisor using your own characteristics, you can use "Custom max" mode via OnTester() function.

This code provides you many characteristics, which can be used during the optimization of your EA. Also it allows you to save the optimized charateristics in HTML file. To define the custom optimization parameter, sometimes it's necceary to calculate many trade characteristics.

This code provides you the following characteristics:

  1. Profit factor;
  2. Profit in deposit currency;
  3. Profit in points;
  4. Total Profit;
  5. Total Loss;
  6. Loss deals;
  7. Profitable deals;
  8. Profit per deal (in percents);
  9. Profit per day (in percents);
  10. Maximal drawdown;
  11. Balance channel width (in points);
  12. Difference between the maximal and minimal slope of the balance line;
  13. Average drawdown (averaged sum of drawdown for all deals);
  14. Recovery factor;
  15. Average points per deal.

Compared with previous version, I added the option to save optimization results (and all characteristics) to the HTML file.

Author: Александр

OptimReport v2.15

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