Automatic Size position in manual trading.

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Hi, for example (sorry my english). 

Run manual trading in multiple accounts, 

The account 1 is "10% size in money" (with leverage), example 100 money *100 (leverage) 100% positon is 100,000, 10% position is 10,000. 

The account 2 is "20% size in money" (with leverage), "  "   ". 

The account 3 is " " "". 

Currentlye use Excel form, But this method is very slow since I have to put the size of each account in excel and then write each batch in MT5, it takes me a long time since the operations are very fast.

I need an EA that calculates the position with respect to the account, which I only have to open or close the order, without having to manually calculate the batch or write it.

Is there an Ea free that does this? Or a code that they can share? Anyway, if I can not find it, I'll have to do it myself. (I do not have a lot of programming) but at least I understand.

Grettings and thanks. 

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  
There are many that do this you can look in Codebase or you can order one custom made Freelance
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