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How to publish zip archive for developer

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honkin 2010.12.21 05:28 

I have a developer here who is going to create an EA for me for MT4, but I am quite new to getting it set up.

 I sent him a zip archive including MT4 template, indicator, requirements, screen shots etc, but he said I needed to publish the zip archive at the MQL5 website. I am unable to find an area where I can publish this archive.

Can someone help to get further with this job please?



Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov 2010.12.21 12:15  

I think you want to order EA using our service Job. So you should read article How to Order a Trading Robot in MQL5 and MQL4

You can add any archive with Negotiation of Requirements when you want to go through this stage

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