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Indicators: 'Am I missing bars in my chart?' two simple indicators to show you

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2011.02.21 10:16 

'Am I missing bars in my chart?' two simple indicators to show you:

Two similar indicators (one in main chart, another in separate window) to show when you're missing historical bars from your chart.

Author: brewmanz

Johannes Jilles van Duijn
Johannes Jilles van Duijn 2011.03.05 23:26  

useles indicator

why are people waisting there time on this ?

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2011.09.05 06:50  

Pay no attention to this jerk "wansiman". His comments here and elsewhere show he's a "taker", and clueless...

I thank you for sharing your indicators. I found this thread trivially easy with a google search for "mq4 flag missing bars". My broker went live with MT4 in mid-2009 or so. They did a poor job to populate the history bars prior to them going live, so they are missing a bunch of real data. Your indicator was partially good at showing the problem. What it didn't show was where my broker's data was stupidly inconsistent in that prior to mid-2009, it shows only 5-Daily-bars-per-week, whereas after they went live, they're a GMT-5 broker (EDT) and so they normally now print 6-Daily-bars-per-week. Having a long-term chart with a *combination* of 5-and-6-Daily-bars-per-week is useless for my purposes. I manually spotted the problem anyway, plus, I'm not sure it would really be that helpful if your program were to flag a missing Daily bar EVERY single week. The way your indicator works now, it's very good for finding those rare mid-week gaps, plus some of those around the weekend.

If I were to modify it, I'd probably add variables to specify the starting day & time, and the ending day & time, where data is expected to exist between those hours and NOT expected to exist outside of those hours. Of course I'm sure for some brokers it might get really strange on weekends that DST turns on-or-off. A given broker may very well have inconsistent MT4 bar hours throughout the year, and print different Hourly bars accordingly. Usually the best broker feeds have 120 H1-bars-per-week, which if it uses GMT+2, it can be 5-Daily-bars-per-week. Some brokers have other that 120/week, and many have 6D/week which add to the complexity.

Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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