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Experts: BIG DOG Trade strategy

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2009.11.19 15:29 

BIG DOG Trade strategy:

The trading strategy presented here is based on breakthrough strategy using FOREX time sessions characteristics.

Author: Юрий

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2010.03.04 00:55  


Very good EA! Can you add 10 or 15 pips above (for buy) or below (for sell) orders?

Tx and regards,

Larry 2010.04.02 04:46  

Why is it that the code can be translated, but never the remarks or comments?

Larry 2010.04.02 04:56  

Would the 14 to 16 hours be the same for me as they are for you? wouldn't this time value be different depending upon your brokers timeframe? So if this is the case, this may not be a winning system if we are using different brokers than yours. Does this program take that into consideration? also what about DTS? Does it handle US vs Euro DTS offsets?

Why is that a limitation on the pip spread between high and low? What is the result if beyond 50 pips?

What pair does this work on? Is it good for multiple pairs?

Finally, why a pending trade? Why not simply wait for a confirmation value and enter the trade, if not, then do not place the trade?

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