How to convert a indicator into MTF mode

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Shailesh Mishra
Shailesh Mishra  

Hi all,

I would like to know what is the general process to convert a indicator into MTF, so that indicator behaviour from different time frames can be loaded onto same chart.



I add a input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TF. If it's equal to current chart (or PERIOD_CURRENT,) just do as normal.

If it's greater than the current chart, convert a shift via iBarShift to the proper timeframe and get the value via a recursive call to iCustom, where the second parameter is the TF wanted.

Adjust lookbacks:
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On MT4: Unless the current chart is that specific pair/TF referenced, you must handle 4066/4073 errors.
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On MT5: you must Synchronize the terminal Data from the Server.
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