EA and back testing for Spot index, metals and commodities

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Hi guys,

I am not advanced coder in mql4 but I am learning the basic.

Here I would like to an help about how i have adapt the code that I tested on currencies for index, metals and commodities .

My broker has 5 digits so I fixed SL and TP at xxx points.

examples for German 30 I have this price :12792.78 and spread example 1.10

and I got this error Germany30,M5 and US30: OrderSend error 131

Can someone help to me?

I think is due to different using of digits than currencies.

Thank you

William Roeder
William Roeder  
  1. Do you really expect an answer? We can't see your broken code. There are no mind readers here and our crystal balls are cracked.

  2. Do NOT use NormalizeDouble, EVER. For ANY Reason. It's a kludge, don't use it. It's use is usually wrong, as it is in this case.

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