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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2008.12.05 07:55 

Index Dollar:

The indicator draws the dollar index on the chart. The indicator is intended to simplify the charts analysis.

Author: John Smith

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2009.04.20 00:50  

How are you trading this?

I have seen a comment on somebody wanting a symbol for the usd index. There are charts that supply this! It is brilliant as you can see when the dollar is getting stronger or weaker. If there was a symbol for all the currency index's analysis would be so much easier. I am sure there is!

Any way I just wanted to know how you trade this indicator? When do I go long USD or when do I go short? And against what pair??

Thank you!

Andy T
Andy T 2009.12.07 21:08  

Nice method, but this is not the DXY - the formula for DXY is: DXY = 50,14348112 x ((EURUSD)^–0,576) x ((USDJPY)^0,136) x ((GBPUSD)^–0,119) x ((USDCAD)^0,091) x ((USDSEK)^0,042) x ((USDCHF)^0,036). I have tested it against data downloaded from Brokers who supply dxy as well as the relevent pairs. I will post a custom indicator soon.


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