Indicators: MACD_Histogram



MACD Histogram with outomatic divergent line .

Author: Franky Prasetio


Thank you Frankie28,

This is one of the bests indicators for me. Could you please insert the alarm alert for Taichi & Cronex deMarker Indicators? The indicators should be used together when BUY or SELL alert are generated.




Hallo Puncher, i'm sorry ... i'm not a programer, i'm just combine 2 indicator ( F5_MACD_Divergence and New_MACD )

And now i try to combine Stochastic with divergence line and i did it, but if i put in 1 hour and than change to another period the line from 1 hour is still exist mix with line 4 hour. and i looking for help for this, can you help me to solf this ? Thankyou.



very good indicator nice nice

Dear Franky, blessings to you. this is an amazing indicator. Tkanks a lot. 

Do you have the MT5 version , ??? It will be very helpful for me. Thanks.