Experts: MacdPatternTraderv04. Double peak. From $200 - $1900.


MacdPatternTraderv04. Double peak. From $200 - $1900.:

An excellent work for the future. A high profitableness.

Author: Юрий


I have been forward testing a number of EA's that are in the public domain. I would like to carry on these tests for a few more weeks, but I will then post my results.

In your posting you say the following:

Good results were obtained at forward testing and at smaller timeframes.

The suggested EA is programmed with the default pattern parameters, you can download the expanded version of the EA with modifiable and optimizable parameters and also with the adaptive levels of calculation of TakeProfit and StopLoss from the issue of our journal.

Is it possible for you to post the optimized EA. I cannot find it in the journal, mainly because of my lack of Russian!



if possible, do you mind to share the template for those indicator? I still trying to understand those website using babel fish.