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MQLAngel 2010.11.11 01:26 

Hi MQL5 developers

Congratulations for MQL5, it's great !

by now I just want to report  a little thing

When I create a new EA or CI by using Wizzard, I click finish and then  

MetaEditor appears showing the new code created. OK

But the thing is that the vertical scroll bar does not appear in editor

when I exit and load again Meta Editor, it appears fine. 


I have other (more important) comments to share with you 

 Please tell me if this is the right place to do it or if there is a better place to  report bugs in MQL5

Thanks ! 

MQLAngel 2010.11.11 02:22  


I just found Service Desk

Now it is reported there 

ErrorsMetaTrader 5 MQLOpenStart: 2010.11.11 02:20#26156 


Denis 2010.11.11 14:03  
Thank you for message. Bug is fixed, please wait for update.

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