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Alain Verleyen:

There is no official API for that. MT4 is not "pluginable". The tool you are talking about is not a plugin, it's a third party software that works on files used by MT4 (fxt and hst files).

MT4 is obsolete and no more developed, that's a weird idea to start investing time and money around it.

Many and many tx. This is just the answer i need. Too many unhelpful comments in this thread. Your simple answer is the right one. Thank you again for your help.
Maxim Kuznetsov
Maxim Kuznetsov  

Hello, i'm not a developer (but i can hire someone). I would like to undestand how it could be possible to create a plugin (not mql4 EA, but additional features for backtester) similar to <> (but not related to tick datas)  that add some advanced feature to the backtester tool.

  1. How technically work the integrations? API?
  2. Is the mt4 pluginable?
  3. Wich code language?
  4. Have i to have an agreement with Metaquotes Corp to do that?

Could you let me understand wich is the right way to start a commercial plugin to enance the backtest features?

Many thanks.

Your may see my project ATcl - integration MT4 and Tcl (Tool Common Language) - it`s full functional.. SQL,Networking,Multithreading was tested.
Now only the Tk GUI needs to be finalized ( low level debuggiing required to exclude conflicts between MT, Windows and Tk).

see (it`s free, really)
I am glad to present you the ATcl v1 beta library - Tcl interpreter bindings for MT4. Expand the capabilities of your MQL programs, use DBMS, supplement with network tools, integrate them with any programs using Tcl.
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